Wellness Exams & Consultations

To keep your pet happy and healthy, regular vet consultations and exams are important.

Consultations and exams at Affordable Animal Hospital will evaluate your pet’s overall health, helping us treat or protect against any health issues your pet may face.

What is a Vet Consultation?

When you schedule your pet’s consultation with our veterinarian, your pet will get an extensive examination of each body system. We will also thoroughly go through your pet’s medical history. Depending on your pet’s health needs, we can also advise further diagnostic testing, such as blood work or X-rays.

Traveling with Your Pet?

Anyone planning to travel with their pets is advised to check in with our veterinarian as part of your trip planning.

Most other countries have strict requirements for traveling with pets that include being up-to-date on vaccinations. Be sure to start the process well before your travel date, as many lab tests take some time before you obtain results.

Traveling from state to state may also require a vet visit. All pet air travel requires valid health certificates, and each airline has their own pet health regulations. For more information, visit www.aphis.usda.gov.

A Full Health Check-Up for your Pet

During a pet consultation,
our vet will check all of the following:

  • Skeletal and muscular health (especially checking for healthy muscles and any joint pain)
  • Neurological health
  • Weight
  • Lymph nodes (swollen lymph nodes can signify an infection, wound, virus or other illness)
  • Vital signs
  • Skin and coat (especially looking for growths, infections, or wounds)

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