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Pet oral hygiene is a very important aspect in maintaining your pet’s health and well-being. If not properly treated, dental problems can cause a buildup of bacteria that may lead to serious damage to your pet’s heart, kidneys, liver or lungs. And, of course, dental problems are painful. Untreated dental problems could mean your pet is living with serious discomfort.

It can also occur where your dog or cat has a loose tooth, which can become an issue. Affordable Animal Hospital in Eagle Rock offers some of the best cat and dog tooth extraction Eagle Rock and Los Angeles have to offer.

Signs of Pet Dental Issues

Affordable Animal Hospital is here to help you with your pet’s dental care needs, including some of the best results in cat and dog dental cleaning Eagle Rock and Los Angeles have available for their patients. By scheduling an appointment with us, we can evaluate a range of dental problems, including the following:

  • Bad breath (an early sign of dental disease)
  • Plaque near pet’s gum line
  • Swollen or discolored gums
  • Bleeding in mouth
  • Lost or missing teeth

Teeth Cleaning for Cats and Dogs

In the absence of an examination, you can’t really know what’s going on with your pet’s teeth. This is an important piece of what our cleaning services include.

Before the cleaning, your pet will be put under general anesthesia. It would be impossible to get anything done in the absence of this. A tube in its throat will support breathing and prevent inhalation of any bacteria uncovered during the cleaning.

What Does a Cleaning Include?

  • Removing visible tartar and plaque
  • Cleaning out tartar and plaque under the gum
  • Probing for signs of disease
  • Polishing teeth to smooth scratches that could attract bacteria
  • Taking X-rays
  • Applying a dental sealer
  • If necessary, repair or remove infected or fractured teeth that the exam has revealed
  • Inspecting the tongue, lips and mouth
  • Making a dental chart

Tips for Pet Dental Care

Caring for your pet’s teeth isn’t any different than caring for your own. You wouldn’t rely on a chew toy or a bone to keep your teeth clean. So, why do we do that for our pets? There are many quality pet brushes available to brush your pet’s teeth at home (soft-bristled children’s brushes are also fine to use on pets). A good tip is to start brushing your pet’s teeth when they’re young so they are familiar with it as a normal routine.

Schedule an appointment today at Affordable Animal Hospital to have a professional dog or cat teeth cleaning in Eagle Rock to get started on your pet’s journey to good oral health. Don’t forget: Good oral health can lead to great overall health.

The Importance of Home Care

You won’t get the full benefits of cleaning services if you don’t implement a home care regimen. Best practices include:

• Daily brushing using a child’s toothbrush or finger toothbrush
• Antibacterial oral sprays and rinses
• Food and treats formulated to prevent plaque formation.

The staff at Affordable Animal Hospital in Eagle Rock can help you with your planning.

Dental Care for Older Pets

Aging pets usually have many more dental care needs than younger pups and kittens – just like people. Our animal hospital is here to help you keep your pet’s teeth strong and healthy for years. If you haven’t maintained regular dental care for a dog or cat, they may have loose or missing teeth, plaque, or infections or gum or jawbone infections – and you may not even know it.

A dental care check-in with Affordable Animal Hospital can help alleviate any pain or infections, keep them from spreading, and help your pet avoid health problems that could shorten life.

Tooth Removal for Pets

Removing Teeth

Cats and dogs have teeth whose roots go deep into the surrounding bone. It can be more difficult to extract them than to remove human teeth.

Before an extraction, your pet will be given general anesthetic. After a tooth is extracted, the “socket” from which it was removed is surgically closed to speed the healing process and to reduce pain. Our veterinarians are very well-trained and have considerable experience with this procedure, so rest assured, our patients experience some of the best dog and cat tooth extraction Eagle Rock has to offer.

Resuming Feeding

When you return home, you should be able to feed your pet as you usually do.

Cats and dogs do not really “chew” their food, as you may have noticed, and thus, they will not be putting significant pressure on the area where the tooth was removed.

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