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It’s a sad fact, but it’s true: thousands of pets go missing each year. As many indoor pets don’t wear collars or tags, they are often picked up and taken to the local pound or humane society. Even if your pet has a collar or tag, these can break or become unreadable. These forms of ID might not be enough to ensure that you are reunited with your furry friend.

What your pet needs is a form of identification that can’t be lost, damaged, or stolen. Our veterinarian in Los Angeles recommends your pet be microchipped.

What is a Pet Microchip?

Technology has provided a safe, simple form of ID for pets. Microchips are small transponders (about the size of grain of rice) that are implanted in your pet’s skin. Reading a microchip is very easy. Any animal control office or shelter has a scanner that can read information from a pet microchip.

How are Microchips Inserted?

The procedure for implanting a microchip is painless for your pet. Implanting a microchip doesn’t require your pet to undergo anesthesia or post-operative care. What happens is that the tiny microchip is directly inserted in skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. The microchip will stay in place the rest of your pet’s life.

cat after microchipping eagle rock

Why Microchip Your Pet?

Many pets go missing every day. To protect against losing your animal friend forever, a microchip is your best option. A microchip is a permanent identification that cannot be lost or destroyed. Here are some other important reasons to microchip your pet:

  • Microchip information can assist with keeping up vaccination records
  • Microchips establish you are the legal owner of your pet
  • Microchips are permanent

How are Pets Found?

Most lost pets will end up at animal shelters. Luckily, agencies like shelters, vet’s offices, and animal control officers are all trained to scan pets they pick up or receive.

Upon scanning pets, these professional animal workers will see a unique number that lists your contact information, your pet’s name, and other information that identifies your lost pet. Owners are then contacted and informed of where to pick up their pet.

Microchip Your Pet with Us

Losing a pet is a terrible experience, both for your cat or dog, and you and your family. Avoid this tragic situation and microchip your animal friend today.

Contact our Eagle Rock vet today for more information about microchipping your dog or cat.

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